Transforming Mental Health

Manchester Marriott Hotel | 7 December 2017


Delivering the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health


Mental health has long been viewed as a Cinderella service in comparison to physical health. This perception is changing because of several factors:

Firstly, there is a focus on mental health coming from the Royal Family and Prime Minister. This attention from the very top of the establishment has benefitted the sector.

Second, a credible plan that the whole sector has got behind has been developed, in the shape of the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health, which is led by Claire Murdoch.

Third, and most crucially, is that £2.4bn has been promised to the sector by 2020/2021. This level of funding has been totally absent up until now.

The HSJ Transforming Mental Health Summit has been created specifically for the most senior leaders in the mental health sector.

This unique gathering offers an opportunity for the leading figures from across all stakeholder groups to come together and discuss the critical issues in a safe Chatham House environment.

The programme for the event is currently in production with speakers to be announced shortly.


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