St Andrew's Healthcare

28-29 November 2019
Hilton, Leeds


St Andrew's Healthcare

St Andrew’s Healthcare provides specialist mental healthcare for people with complex mental health needs. We are a charity, and so any profit we make is reinvested into patient care; we have no shareholders or owners to pay dividends to, which means that we can always put our patients first.

Our headquarters and largest service is in Northampton, and we also provide services in Birmingham, Essex and Nottinghamshire. We provide treatment and care for over 800 patients who face challenges of mental illnesses, developmental disorders, brain injuries and neurological conditions. Over 90% of our patients have been detained under the Mental Health Act 1983, and of those, around half are “forensic” patients who have come to us via the criminal justice system for care and treatment in a secure environment.

In order to meet our patients’ needs and support their journey towards achieving hope and purpose in their lives, we have a positive, welcoming, diverse and inclusive workforce of around 4,500 staff. Over 90% per cent of our permanent staff are directly involved in clinical care and support for our patients.

The Charity was set up in 1838, and our purpose remains the same now as it was then – “to promote the healing of sickness, the relief of suffering and the relief of those experiencing mental disorder”. 

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